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Paper Pot Transplanter Australia

Introducing the Paper Pot Planter System!

Have you always wanted to grow your own crops, but are turned off by the cost, labour and stress involved in traditional planting? What if we told you there was a way to plant, grow and harvest your own vegetable and herb crops while saving time, money and effort?
Or are you a farmer looking to maximise your output while minimising your work time? If you’ve been transplanting seedlings for years you’ll know it’s more than a labour of love, but a time-consuming and often tedious task that detracts from your other core jobs. Whether you’re looking to flex your green thumb, or transform your commercial set-up, the Paper Pot Planter System is more than the ideal solution.

It is a revolution in seedling transplantation.


The paper chain pots are available at different distance intervals to accommodate the needs of a great variety of crops.
Paper pot planter gives you the ability to grow your own seedlings in a very easy and controlled environment since this innovative system decreases heat stress and transplant shock resulting in decreased crop loss.


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Sowing System

With this system sowing gets easier than ever before.
In this picture you see a plastic tray, two opening rods, an opening frame, a dibble board and a drop seeder.
These components, along with the paper pots, allow you to quickly and accurately seed 264 holes in seconds. It’s very easy and simple!
Watch our step by step gallery to learn the exact process.

What is Paper Pot Planter?

The Paper Pot Transplanter system was originally developed in Japan. Turning a simple idea into a powerful tool for recreational farmers, the original concept used honeycomb shaped pots held together by water based glue to transplant seedlings into the ground without machinery and without unnecessary labour.

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What are the benefits of using the Paper Pot Planter system?

The Paper Pot Planter system is an ingenious innovation which is sure to revolutionise home gardening, hobby farming and commercial growing for years to come. This unique invention is an extremely efficient way to transplant your vegetables, herbs and even flowers.

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A Brief History of the Paper Pot Planter

Originally developed by Japanese technology, Paper Pots quickly became wildly popular among Japanese gardeners and farmers.

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How can Paper Pot Planter Australia revolutionise your life?

At Paper Pot Planter, we believe this revolutionary system has the potential to change your life for the better.

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What makes Paper Pot Planter so special?

Paper Pot Planter is unlike any other crop planting system.

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Sowing System

With the Paper Pot system, crop sowing is easier than ever before. In this picture, you can see a plastic tray, two opening rods, an opening frame, a dibble board and a drop seeder.

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Why use the Paper Pot Planter system?

Paper chain pots are available in different distance intervals (50mm, 100mm and 150mm spacing) to accommodate the needs of a great variety of crops (beets, peas, spinach, lettuce and more).

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Our extensive product range

At Paper Pot Planter Australia, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of products to suit all of your crop planting needs. Regardless of whether you’re a hobby farmer or a large commercial grower, we have the right products to suit you. As a proudly Aussie owned company we are continuously investing in research and development to offer more solutions, as we believe everyone deserves to enjoy a connection to the land like we do.

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