5 Things you’ll Find on an Organic Farm

Organic farming continues to grow in popularity across the world, and is an important factor in improving sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of agriculture. Here are five things you’ll find on organic farms.

Natural Fertilisers

Synthetic fertilisers are widely used as a way to increase the quality of the soil, and so increase the quality and yield of the crop, but they come with many adverse side effects. From adding to soil toxicity, to dangers to biodiversity and the local wildlife, and also adding synthetic chemicals to the human food chain. Organic farms use natural fertilisers or farming solutions to address soil issues and achieve the same results as synthetic fertilisers, but without the potential harm.

Unmodified Plants

Organic farms have no genetically altered plants, and never will! There are still serious question marks about the dangers of GMOs, and organic farms have shown that using more appropriate farming methods, and promoting biodiversity and soil health, in most cases GMOs are unnecessary anyway.

Animals Growing without Growth Stimulants

All the animals on organic farms are vaccinated against disease, and receive treatment when they get sick. However, that’s the extent of the interference. There are no growth stimulants or hormones, and no unnecessary or preventative antibiotics.

Greater Biodiversity

Organic farms promote crop rotation, soil health, using less synthetic chemicals, and using animals to nurture the soil and protect the crops, all of which leads to more native plants and animals thriving in the surrounding area.

Healthier Products

The crops produced on organic farms are nutritious, tasty, and healthy! Without the addition of dangerous levels of synthetic chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides, you can be positive that the crops are better for you and your family, as well as being better for the environment.

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