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Growing Microgreens

Microgreens, also known as ‘veggie confetti’ are simply the greens, herbs and lettuces that are harvested young. You might be wondering why you’d start growing microgreens then harvest your crops before they’ve reached full maturity, but with up...

How to Use the Single Planter CP-1

What makes the Single Planter  CP-1 unique? Allowing you to transplant up to 264 seedlings in under a minute, the single planter CP-1 is more than your ordinary gardening gadget. This specialised transplanter system is perfect for the production...

Types of Vegetables

Are you searching for a way to eat healthier? Are you fed up with substandard vegetables from the supermarket? Wondering what crops you can grow? Plant, grow and harvest all types of vegetables with ease by using the Paper Pot Planter system!...