How to Protect Your Crops from Pests Organically

Pests arriving at your crop can turn beauty into ruin in no time. And anyone who has grown before has probably experienced caterpillars or slugs eating their broccoli and lettuce at least once in their time. But while it’s important you are treated with a successful yield after a season’s work, it’s also important you know which insects are pests, and which are actually good for your crop.


The Good Guys

  • Ladybugs
  • Predatory mites
  • Syrphid flies
  • Aphidius wasps
  • Praying mantis
  • Hoverflies
  • Lacewings
  • Honeybees
  • Dragonflies


The Bad Guys

  • Slugs
  • Japanese beetles
  • Cabbageworms
  • Squash bugs


These are the most common pest you will find eating and destroying your crops. But rest assured, there are some simple and organic ways to rid your crops of pests without compromising the quality of your food.


Use Your Hands

It’s easy enough to remove pests with your hands if the infestation isn’t too bad. Slugs and caterpillars should be easy to control if they haven’t already taken control of your whole plant or crop. The best idea is to find them early and to remove any dead or infested leaves and plants (don’t put them in your compost either).


Organic Pest Control Sprays

Using your own or store-bought organic produce such as salt, garlic or mineral oil spray acts as an organic pesticide against the bad guys we mentioned above. Remember to spray your crops regularly, especially if you are growing in a rainy climate.


Physical Barriers

Putting up physical barriers against pests is a good idea to protect your crops from possums, birds, rabbits and caterpillars without using pesticides.


Bird netting is a lightweight mesh which protects berries and fruit trees while protecting a row of plants or a single plant benefit from a plastic milk bottle with its bottom cut off or a tunnel-shaped cloche.


Wire fencing stops pesky critters too, especially when teamed with a cloth. But watch out for sunny days or weeks, as your plants might overheat if you don’t give them some room to breathe.


Time and Attention

The less time you spend on everything else to do with keeping your crops healthy and edible, the better. This can range from back-breaking seeding, transplanting and harvesting tasks. So, to give your plants the most time and attention they deserve, use Paper Pot Planter Australia’s innovative range of products, including paper chains which unravel when pulled by planters.

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