How to Use the Single Planter CP-1

What makes the Single Planter  CP-1 unique?

Allowing you to transplant up to 264 seedlings in under a minute, the single planter CP-1 is more than your ordinary gardening gadget. This specialised transplanter system is perfect for the production of a wide variety of crops such as leeks, onions, shallots, lettuce and much more.

What can the Single Planter CP-1 be used for?

The Single Planter is the key component of the Paper Pot system. This tool enables you to transplant hundreds of seedlings in mere moments. It can be used for all paper pots we carry, allowing you to space seedlings at 50, 100 and 150 mm spacings.

Paper Pots are loaded onto the deck of the Single Planter. As you pull the planter forward, a built-in shoe cuts a furrow into the soil to receive the chain pots while the planter itself does the hard work and closes the furrow around the transplanted seedlings.

How to use the Single Planter

Start by matching the paper chain pots’ spacing with the crop you plan to sow – our Paper Pots are available in 50, 100 and 150 mm spacing.

To prepare a tray for seeding, lift the flaps on each side of the paper chain pot and insert the opening rods into the sleeves.

Pull the opening rods apart to expand the cells, revealing the honeycomb pattern. Place the edges of the outermost cells over the opening frame, which holds the cells open while filling it with soil.

All but one of the cells retaining pegs of the frame should be in a straight line. The remaining peg should correspond to the last row of cells (which is slightly shorter).

Then, place the empty tray over the expanded honeycomb cells. Flip the tray and cells over so they are right side up. Fill the tray with any excess planting material, pack the cells, and remove any excess. Simple!

After filling the tray, remove the frame, as the cells can now hold their shape. Alternatively, you can wait until after seeding to remove the opening frame. Continue seeding with our sowing tools then wait for your wonderfully spaced and beautifully transplanted seeds to grow!

For more advice on setting up your Single Planter, call or email our experienced team today.

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