Microgreens Trays

Microgreens Trays

While our open plastic trays are ideally suited for use with our range of planters, if you’re looking to grow your own Microgreens then our enclosed plastic trays double as microgreen trays and create the perfect growing conditions. Our enclosed plastic trays are approximately 600 x 300 mm and are designed to stack up conveniently for storage and shipping around Australia.

With the short turnaround growing time of most Microgreens – typically 10 to 14 days from start to harvest, each enclosed tray allows you to densley pack your seeds as close as you require, which means a healthy harvest of healthy food!

Each enclosed tray is reusable, so growers of all skill levels and sizes can take advantage of the ongoing value that comes with our range of quality products.

How to make the most of your Microgreen trays

With so much space available on each tray, you’ll see the best harvesting results by giving each variety its own section when you plant your seeds. By using your space efficiently you won’t disturb the growth of your various microgreens

The secret to enjoying fresh and vibrant microgreens is to leave them in the soil right up until you plan on using them. Damaging your microgreens when you try and remove them from the soil can undo all the hard work that went into growing them in the first place! Always remember – microgreens are extremely delicate! By snipping your microgreens just above the soil and using them right away you’ll be able to enjoy the robust flavours and health benefits that make these superfoods stand out.

Whether you’re a new grower or you’ve been using the land for years, adding microgreens to your output is a simple way to eat healthy and enjoy swift harvesting turnarounds. Even better, with our enclosed tray the process just got easier!

To learn more about Microgreen trays or to start your own Microgreen planting journey, please give us a call!