Most Profitable Crops in Australia

When deciding which crops your organic farm is going to grow, profit almost always comes into play at some point. Even if you have a hobby farm, it’s always a good idea to make it financially stable to avoid any worries about time and cost. Or, you may be looking to grow your production into a revenue-raising enterprise by providing local produce to your town, city or region.



Depending on your finances and connections, or if you plan to sell your produce yourself, there are many variables in which crop will be the most financially beneficial for you to grow. The tools you plan to use for your farm are also extremely important. Paper Pot Planters Australia provides new and innovative ways for you to get the most out of your crop without excessive work, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of your crop and stay ultimately on top of your tasks on the farm.


Niche Crops

Speciality crops like lavender, gourmet mushrooms, woody ornamentals, Japanese maples, bonsais, herbs and certain kinds of garlic all sell for much more than it takes to grow them. This can be due to demand, season, the time it takes to grow them, or the fact that they are grown in environments large-scale farms are unable to reproduce for mass production.


Availability to Water

Depending on the area you will be farming, make sure you have ample access to water to ensure your crop stays healthy until harvest. Of course, different crops require different amounts of water and attention, so we recommend you do your research into water needs and resources before undertaking any large-scale production.



Carrot, celery, lettuce, chicory and eggplant usually retail at prices that make it sustainable for farmers to grow large amounts of and make a profit. Of course, this can depend on the climate you plan on growing in. For example, in Queensland, oranges, bananas, mangoes and other crops which thrive in tropical climates may be your best bet, while in other states, broccoli, lettuce and potatoes may be your most productive crop.



Certain lands can grow a variety of crops on the same or nearby land, depending on the season. The seasons also depend on the area as to what you can grow and may be more conducive to herbs, plants, fruit or vegetables. Seasons range from sub-tropical, wet/dry tropical, dry inland, temperate, cold and Mediterranean areas.


For more in-depth information on which crops and tools will yield the most reward on your farm, as well as which tools will allow you the best output without breaking your back, call Paper Pot Planter Australia on 0449 268 131, email us at or fill in our Contact Us form today.