Our Story

Our Story

How many of us call ourselves hobby farmers or backyard gardeners? Like you, we know how truly satisfying it is to grow your own vegetables and herbs, even though it takes constant effort and perseverance. Just like you, we put the effort in because nothing beats the taste of home grown veggies and herbs. The same passion drives commercial farmers who use their lands as a business, but are at their core, growers just like us.

What if there was a way to enjoy home grown produce, without the drudgery and labour? The answer is in the Paper Pot Planter Australia product range!

Introducing the Paper Pot system

When we discovered the revolutionary Paper Pot system we knew it would revolutionise the lives of farmers and home gardeners alike. Originally developed in Japan, the Paper Pot Planter system is an innovative way to plant, grow and harvest a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Bringing this revolutionary technology to Australia

When we discovered the time and labour saving potential of this exciting invention, we just knew we had to share it with Australia.

The Paper Pot system allow you to enjoy the privilege of your own produce, without the added cost of time and labour. You can grow your food in a simple way, feasting on your own crops, with a small initial investment that far outstrips the savings made from waking up to rows of wonderfully fresh and fast-grown herbs and veggies.

It’s not a dream – it’s why we exist and it’s what we want to share with you!

Helping Aussie farmers

But we weren’t content just helping home gardeners. We have adapted this unique Japanese invention to suit the needs of the Australian commercial farming market, because we think everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of the Paper Pot Planting system.

We believe The Paper Pot system can change the lives of Aussie farmers. To that end and to make farmers’ lives easier, we created Curly’s Planter – an implement suitable for tractors, which offers the same benefits to large farmland areas as our hand-pulled Single Planter CP-1 product. This results in more productive and profitable farming, while lowering the overhead costs of labour and time working.

So, whether you’re a small, medium or large producer, let us show you what Paper Pot Planter Australia can do for you by reaching out to speak with a member of our passionate growing team today!