Planting Microgreens

Planting Microgreens

Microgreens, also known as ‘veggie confetti’ are simply the greens, herbs and lettuces that are harvested young. You might be wondering why you’d harvest your crops before they’ve reached full maturity, but with up to 40 times the nutrients compared to their adult counterparts, microgreens are packed full of flavour and health benefits and make for the perfect short-term crop project.

Adding these healthy foods to your diet is made simple with the enclosed plastic trays perfectly suited for Microgreen growth. Buy microgreen seeds or buy regular varieties and harvest them in their infancy.

For beginners we recommend rocket, amaranth, coriander, basil, fennel, radish and Japanese mustard. But with the time-saving and efficient ability of Paper Pot Planter products, you’re able to try your hand at any microgreens you like!

Using Paper Pot Planter Products to plant Microgreens

The seed to harvest life cycle of microgreens is made simple with the enclosed plastic trays available through Paper Pot Planter Australia. With drainage holes already present in the bottom, you’ll have the perfect conditions for growing your own superfoods.

Keep in mind, microgreens require light but avoid direct sunlight as this may be too strong for them. You’ll only have to wait between 1- and 14 days before they’re ready for harvest. You can also gauge their readiness to be harvested by their size, with 3-5 cm in height ready to eat.

No matter what level of grower you are, it’s worth re-using your enclosed plastic trays to re-lay your next batch of microgreen seeds in the same location. The most efficient way to harvest your microgreens is to cut the whole seedling just above the soil level. Because of this there are old roots under the surface offering fantastic nutrients. By planting your new microgreens in the same location you can take advantage of this and use the existing organic matter to grow between 20-25 microgreen crops every year!

To become your own microgreen superfood grower, reach out and contact us today!