Eco-Harrow / 1 roller

Eco-Harrow / 1 roller

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The Eco Harrow is the world’s first market-garden sized battery-powered Power Harrow.


Mainly constructed from stainless steel for resistance and durability, it is designed and manufactured in Australia.


The Eco Harrow weeds and loosens the ground in one pass, leaving perfectly prepped beds for sowing or transplantation. This harrow does not invert the soil like other rotary-hoe configurations so leaves microbes and soil structure minimally disturbed.

The Roller leaves a nice flat (but not compacted) finish. Using the Eco-Harrow with two rollers, you’ll have precise depth control.

The new Eco Harrow EH-3 series, has an improved design that is easier to use, more robust and efficient. It includes cambered outer tines for thrust assistance, mud scrapers on rollers, new trigger press mechanism, easier configuration to change angle and offset of handle. 


  • Powered by a battery drill
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Precision depth control
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia


  • Adjustable sliding top handle bar
  • Adjustable 5-position angle of handle
  • Adjustable 7-position depth for each roller.
  • Precision drill activation trigger on handle
  • The Eco-Harrow is completely symmetrical


  • Eco Harrow Base Machine with one roller, which gives you a nice flat (but not compacted) finish.


*PLEASE NOTE that drill is not included. We recommend the use of good quality drills like Makita, Milwaukee or Dewalt. We do NOT recommend going straight into virgin soil that has never been cultivated before. The Eco Harrow has not been designed for that purpose. Your Eco Harrow won’t be damaged but your drill may be.*


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