Eco-Harrow / PRO (Model: EH-2 + Roller)

Eco-Harrow / PRO (Model: EH-2 + Roller)

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The Eco-Harrow is a world first market garden sized battery powered Power Harrow.

This ripper of a machine leaves perfectly prepped beds for sowing or transplanting into, killing 2 birds with one stone weeding and loosening the ground all in one pass.

Australian designed and made machine is made completely out of 304 stainless steel (except gears) to bring you an exceptional quality product, that will keep you and the garden going for many years to come.

The beauty of the Eco-Harrow is that it doesn’t invert the soil like other rotary-hoe configurations leaving microbes and soil structure minimally disturbed.


In this new model of the Eco-Harrow (EH-2) we offer several options for different budgets and preferences.

  • Eco-Harrow / Base: Eco-Harrow (EH-2) with adjustable four-position flap
  • Eco-Harrow / Pro: Eco-Harrow (EH-2) with adjustable four-position roller 
  • Extra Roller: Which can be purchase separately for either two options

The variation on these options is the flap/roller both of which have four adjustable positions and are completely interchangeable.
Each Eco-Harrow (EH-2) allows for two of these attachments.

The Base model is easier to manufacture, hence the cheaper price for those who are on a budget. The roller has the same function as the flap but leaves a better finish. When using the Eco-Harrow with two rollers, you’ll have precise depth control.


  • Adjustable sliding top handle bar
  • Adjustable 5 position angle of handle
  • Precision drill activation trigger on handle
  • The Eco-Harrow is completely symmetrical


The price includes GST so for international buyers there is a 10% discount. Please contact us if you require international shipping.

PLEASE NOTE that drill is not included. We recommend the use of top range good quality drills like Makita, Milwaukee or Dewalt. Even when using good quality drills, we do not recommend to go straight into virgin soil that has never been cultivated before. The Eco-Harrow has not been designed for that purpose. It won’t damage the Eco-Harrow, but it could certainly damage your drill.


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Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 47 × 155 × 33 cm