Ellia 3000 – Precision Depth Scratcher kit –

Ellia 3000 – Precision Depth Scratcher kit –

$1,499.00 GST included

all new soil preparation kit, complete with mulching bed forming and hoeing in the one machine

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The Ellia 3000 – Precision Depth Scratcher kit includes:

  • The Ellia 3000 Base
  • The Scratcher attachment
  • Two Precision Depth rollers with 7 adjustable positions.

This allows Precision Depth Control

Please note that this product is a kit with two rollers and Scratcher only.
If you want to add more attachments, you can buy them separately.
Please note that a full kit is also available for those who want all three attachments.

There will be more attachments coming.

Designed and manufactured in Australia.

The price includes GST so for international buyers there is a 10% discount. Please contact us if you require international shipping.

PLEASE NOTE that drill is not includedWe recommend the use of top range good quality drills like Makita, Milwaukee or Dewalt. Even when using good quality drills, we do not recommend to go straight into virgin soil that has never been cultivated before. The Ellia 3000 has not been designed for that purpose. It won’t damage the Ellia 3000, but it could certainly damage your drill.



The Ellia 3000 currently has 3 attachments available to the market:

  • The Bed Former
  • The Mulcher
  • The Scratcher

All these 3 can be purchased individually.

In addition to this attachments there is also a Precision Depth Roller that can be purchased separately, and works well with any of them. Each Ellia 3000 allows for a maximum of two rollers, one in the front, one in the back. The same roller can go in both positions.

When using the Ellia 3000 with two rollers, you’ll have precise depth control.

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm
The hiller

the Hiller is the double helix auger for cleaning walkways and forming beds

The starcatcher

the scratcher is the rotary hoe attachment that fits into the elli 3000

The mulcher

The mulcher si used for cutting the old crop up

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