Types of Vegetables

Are you searching for a way to eat healthier? Are you fed up with substandard vegetables from the supermarket? Wondering what crops you can grow? Plant, grow and harvest all types of vegetables with ease by using the Paper Pot Planter system!

Which vegetables can you grow with the Paper Pot Planter?

Using Paper Pot Planter Products, you’ll have complete versatility to plant any herbs and veggies you like. While the current distance of each paper plot may seem limiting, by using every second cell, or companion planting, you’re able to grow pretty much anything you like!

What are the most popular vegetables to grow using the Paper Pot Planter system?

The four most popular vegetable crops are:

#1. Hakurei turnips

Turnips which are seeded using 3-4 seeds per Paper Pot cell will grow away from each other and to a reasonable size. For optimal crop growth, we recommend you grow the turnips at three rows per bed.

For the best results, selectively harvest the largest turnips from the bed, while the others grow larger.

#2 Romaine and Head lettuce

Romaine and Head lettuce grow best when done exclusively using the Paper Pot method. Romaine lettuce does well with a little extra space, so consider seeding every second cell to see the best results. For Head lettuce, we recommend the same spacing.

#3 Green onions and shallots

Higher priced shallots are an ideal Paper Pot crop. When spaced perfectly with Paper Pot Sowing Tools, green onions and shallots require no thinning. And, by growing them in a Paper Pot, your crops are ready to come out of the ground quicker than more traditional planting methods, not giving weeds enough time to threaten your harvest and giving you a delicious output.

#4 Beetroot

Using the Paper Pot system, you can germinate beetroots in controlled conditions, helping to eliminate weeding while your veggies grow. For the best results, space each beet plant slightly apart with second spacing ensuring your food has enough nutrients to grow.

For more advice on the best crops to grow, call or email the Paper Pot Planter team today.

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